Circle of Mercy is a welcoming, inclusive, and celebrative community of believers. We are committed to spiritual formation that nurtures prayerful discernment, invites compassionate service, and prompts prophetic action. We believe that turning to God also means turning to the world—especially to its broken places—as agents of healing and hope. 
        We are an ecumenical congregation, drawing from a variety of confessional traditions, but choosing to be affiliated with the Alliance of Baptists and the United Church of Christ. We participate and offer leadership in a variety of mission involvements locally, nationally, and internationally. At the heart of our community life is worship. Every Sunday evening, a lively mix of adults and children gathers around a welcoming table to sing and pray, share concerns and celebrations, reflect on the intersection of Scripture and life, meditate in silence, and break the bread of communion. There’s always room for others who are on a journey to engage their faith and the world. 


Please join us for Sunday worshipcandlelight

5 p.m., September through May

5:30 p.m., June through August

The Center for Art and Spirit at St. George's

One School Road (Malvern Hills in West Asheville)

Asheville, North Carolina 28806

Excavating Our Privilege: A Prayer

(With gratitude to St. Francis of Assisi, who long ago created this form of prayer and authored some of the phrases below.)

By Bill Ramsey, following racial conflict and violence in Ferguson, Missouri, October 2014

Holy One,
Make us instruments of peace, agents of your justice, and collaborators with all those who have had enough and can’t take it no more.
Where there are shootings, enable us to demilitarize our police and disarm our communities. 
Where there is race hatred, may we celebrate and embrace difference. 
Where there is black or brown profiling, let us offer challenge and open another way. 
Where there is red-lining, let us deposit our resources elsewhere.  
Where children are relegated to dysfunctional schools, let us be voices for equity and excellence. 
Where there are dead-end jobs, may we insist on living-wages. 
Where there is mass incarceration, empower us throw open the gates.
Where there are deportations, incite us to raze border walls to a common ground.  
Where there is denial and sedulity, let us urge accountability and forthrightness. 
When we are fearful and uncomfortable, help us discover new courage and ease. 
Where there is outrage, let our politeness stand aside. 
Where there is disorder, let us abide with it for a while. 
When we feel overwhelmed by the task, enliven us with the unexpected. 
Redeeming One,
Let us seek not as much to lead as to be led, to be understood as to understand, to be honored as to spread honor, to change others as to be changed ourselves. 
For it is in excavating our privilege that we will unearth the common good, and will wake up one morning with our minds, hearts, and wills set on freedom.

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Circle of Mercy Is a Peace Church

Believing that the life and teachings of Jesus call us to be active peacemakers and to reject violence, we have proclaimed Circle of Mercy a Peace Church. With this statement, members of Circle of Mercy Congregation declare our conversion to the reconciling work of Christ, which is our highest calling. Read our Peace Church Statement.


Open, Welcoming, and Affirming

Circle of Mercy is an open, welcoming, and affirming congregation, recognizing that all persons are created in the image of God with inherent dignity and worth. Please read our welcoming statement. We support the missions of the UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns and the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists.

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