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Among the thinkers, writers, and activists who are members and friends of Circle of Mercy, several regularly post thought-provoking commentaries and reflections on the Internet. Their topics and concerns are as diverse as living with traumatic brain injury; issues of pastoral leadership; the intersections among the arts, popular culture, and biblical study; activism for justice and peace; and more! We invite you to sample—and savor—their blogs using the links in the brief introductions that follow:

Kenzie Bell

Kenzie Bell is spending her junior year of high school in Oman. She shares her insights and experiences at "It goes Oman and on and on and oooon: Or the somewhat coherent ramblings of an American teen living in Oman.

"It goes Oman..."

Joyce Hollyday

Founding Co-Pastor, Joyce Hollyday, who is also an author and activist, blogs regularly. Visit and subscribe to her blog here:

Rachel Jamieson

Circle of Mercy member Rachel Jamieson, a recent college graduate, is busily negotiating the challenges of her first years as a preschool teacher and graduate student. Her insightful blog offers moving meditations and essays about the intersection between working for justice and peace and teaching young children.

Play and Peace: Musings on Early Childhood and Social Justice

Russell Siler Jones

Russell, a therapist and friend of Circle of Mercy, offers ah-ha insights gleaned from experiences of daily life, movingly recounted.

Clear Eyes, Full Heart: Grace As It Finds Me

Tamara Puffer
Tamara Puffer, a Presbyterian minister, sustained a traumatic brain injury in a 1996 automobile accident. She offers spiritual reflections on living with TBI at Noggin Notions.

Ken Sehested

Founding co-pastor, Ken Sehested. who was also founder and long-time executive director of the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America, began posting a new online journal, prayer & politiks "at the intersection of spiritual formation and prophetic action." Visit and subscribe here:

prayer & politiks

Mahan Siler

Mahan Siler offers “a resource for leaders of congregations to practice their Christian calling in intentional community providing support collaboration, and accountability” through his Anam Cara ministry. Mahan blogs frequently with reflections on pastoral leadership issues.
Anam Cara




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